​I don't really know much about diamonds.

How do I know that I am getting the best value for my money?

We believe that knowledge is power and thus ensure that every customer of ours, is educated around the 4 C's when looking at a diamond.

That is carat, colour, clarity and cut.

We also believe that transparency is key to trust.

All our diamonds are certified by reputable grading labs.

Once you feel empowered with knowledge, we give you a range of stones to choose from, thus ensuring that you select what you want.


How big a budget do I need to have?


There is no budget too big or too small for us.

Do you have a catalogue to choose from?


In such a connected world today, the need for brochures and catalogues are diminishing.

Instead the world has evolved where everyone wants to customise each experience, to their taste.

We have embraced this new way of the world and thus do not restrict our customers with a catalogue as such.

We encourage our interested customers to drop us an email with an image of what they like. Click on our Instagram and Facebook links below to see some of the jewelery we have made

I am interested. What do I do?

Awesome decision! All you have to do now is let us know that you are interested by sending us an email or by giving us a call